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My problem is that before the signing with widevine the video is displayed as it should.

The video is located in resources/raw

Errors I get are :

I/MediaPlayer(23023): path is null
D/MediaPlayer(23023): Couldn't open file on client side, trying server side

Does anyone have a idea of the root of this error or even a workaround ?

I tried to put the videos in assets but there was no difference

Thanks in advance and I hope there is someone out there that can help me

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Assuming widewine is a drm, you need to decrypt before you can play. Either widewine will give you a player or a decrypting library which you must use to decrypt the content before you can play it.

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The case is, that the video is playable by every normal player if I export it from the .apk, so it seems to me that it is not encrypted. –  prizzl Dec 17 '12 at 9:20

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