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I have four different DateTime boxes. Two boxes just displays the Date and the other two just Displays the time

If the current time is between midnight and six am I want the Date in the date box to be the day before.

I have it all, I'm just missing the part that compares the two.

Dim currentTime As DateTime = Now
        'default date
        If deMaxDate.Value = Nothing Then
            deMaxDate.Value = Now
        End If
        If deMinDate.Value = Nothing Then
            If currentTime.Hour < TimeOfDay.Hour Then
                deMinDate.Value = (Now - TimeSpan.FromDays(1))
                deMinDate.Value = Now
            End If
        End If
            'default time
            If teMaxTime.Value = Nothing Then
                teMaxTime.Value = Now
            End If
            If teMinTime.Value = Nothing Then
                teMinTime.Value = (Now - TimeSpan.FromHours(6))
            End If

My comment by the third if statment is where I'm stuck at. DateTime is a double datatype? Something like if currentTime.Hour < TimeOfDay.Hour.Equals(6) ?

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Your rule, if I understand this, is that you want to look at the current time. If the current time is between 12AM(0000) and 6AM(0600), then you want to use yesterday as the active date.

Dim current as DateTime = now()
Dim activeDate as DateTime = current
if current.Hour < 6 then
    activeDate = current.AddDays(-1)
end if

Although, if you're not really interested in the hours part of the date except for this business rule, you could always just do date.AddHours(-6).

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I do this in a similar situation where I want to check the current time is prior to 4 AM.

If (DateTime.Now.Hour < 4) Then
   'do something
End If
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Just use

If currentTime.Hour <= 6 Then
     deMinDate.Value = Now.AddDays(-1)
     deMinDate.Value = Now
End If

or indeed...

If currentTime.Hour <= 6 Then
     deMinDate.Value = Now.Date.AddDays(-1)
     deMinDate.Value = Now.Date
End If

if you don't want the time bit because .Now contains a time element as well as a date element.

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Have a look at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/5ata5aya.aspx. It might apply to your case

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currentTime.Hour < TimeOfDay.Hour.Equals(6)

ended up being the answer

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You are over complicating it .Hour is an integer – Ciarán Dec 13 '12 at 16:22

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