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In my project, I am using an external jar which is not present in company's Maven repository. So I am getting the following error

Could not resolve dependencies for project.Could not find artifact in http://company-name/maven2

Is there any way in which this jar can be referenced locally as workaround till company add that jar in its repository. Like if I create lib folder and put jar in that folder. Can I ask Maven to take jar from that lib folder instead of downloading from maven repository?

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You need install:install-file, which installs a copy of the JAR into your local .m2/repository which your POM can then depend on.

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After using above command, I can see the required jar in my maven-repo. But when I use mvn install to compile project, getting same error, mvn is still referring to http:company-name/maven2 –  Addict Dec 13 '12 at 17:29
Please check the groupId-artifactId-version in the pom for the required jar in your local maven-repo matches the referring <dependency/> –  Allen Parslow Dec 17 '12 at 14:52

The best way is to recur to the utility AddJars Maven Plugin, available on Google Code. Henceforth, the simplest way to include a jar is to store it in a subfolder, say lib, located inside of your Maven project.

Then in your pom.xml simply add:


There is more about plugin configuration here. In particular some additional steps are required under NetBeans to enable autocompletion.

Unfortunately this requires Maven version 3.0.3 or higher.

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