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I have some files that exist in a directory in Repo 1. Let's say its a video playback feature. All the file relevant to this feature were not created in this directory. Sometimes developers will realize that commonality and move all the files into a common location.

Now we have a core library where we want all these files to live so they can be reused by other projects. I have successfully used the following commands to get the files into the other repository but it is missing the history of the files before they were moved in Repo 1 to a common directory.

How can I go about doing this such that the file's entire history would be included in the core library regardless of how many times it was git mv'd in Repo 1?

cp -R  repo-where-feature-exists/ video-filtered-repo
cd video-filtered-branch
git remote rm origin 
git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter src/main/resources/static/video-poc/js/video/ -- --all 
rm -rf src/
mkdir -p component-library/src/main/resources/components/video
git mv -k * component-library/src/main/resources/components/video/
git commit -m "Moving files from where they were in the original location into the core location"

Now go to core…
cd /software/dp/core
git remote add video-feature /software/dp/video-filtered-repo/
git pull video-feature integration
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I think this was covered here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1425892/… Looks to me like the step you're missing is to use git filter-branch to rewrite the history to the exact directory structure you want, rather than doing it separately by git mv (which merely removed the files and adds them again, breaking the neat history.) –  Eliot Dec 15 '12 at 0:54

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