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I frequently run into this situation.

post_comments = post.comments
#grabs maybe 3 records out of thousands in the table
do_something_with post_comments

#...later in the same request...

subset_of_comments = post_comments.where(:awesome=>true)
#hits the database again :-(
do_something_else subset_of_comments

I realize that the database is very good at finding records, but I don't see how going back to the full table and looking through thousands of records is better than searching the small set of records attached to this post that's already cached for the 1 or two I need.

What could I do if I wanted to improve the efficiency of this process?

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You can use the select method:

subset_of_comments = post_comments.where(:awesome=>true)
# becomes
subset_of_comments ={ |pc| pc.awesome == true }

Documentation Array (Ruby 1.9.3),#select method

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Yes. After you loaded AR:Relation first time, all records have been cached. But if you pass another request .where() or other, it pull query again. If you want to search within cached records, do not send .where, and just operate with array methods.

# second 'request':
subset_of_comments = {|comment| comment if comment.awesome == true}.compact

Array methods: .find - for one first matched record. .map or .collect - for collection

Your comment object must have 'awesome' public reader.

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Incorrect! This would not return a subset of post_comments. Just an array of boolean values. – atmaish Dec 13 '12 at 16:40
you're right, ive just changed find to map and forget to correct the block – Valery Kvon Dec 13 '12 at 16:42
Thanks, that's pretty blindingly obvious, actually. For some reason I had a mental block about using the ruby enumerable functions. I guess I just thought it would be cool if ActiveRecord remembered if I had previously done that filter somewhere else. – pseudopeach Dec 13 '12 at 20:21

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