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thebook = open_workbook(file_to_import)
thesheet = thebook.sheet_by_index(0)
print "show that there is value in the sheet: %s" % thesheet.cell(1,1).value
print "there is nothing in thesheet.col_label_ranges:"
print thesheet.col_label_ranges

for crange in thesheet.col_label_ranges:
    rlo, rhi, clo, chi = crange
    for rx in xrange(rlo, rhi):
        for cx in xrange(clo, chi):
            print "Column label at (rowx=%d, colx=%d) is %r" \
                (rx, cx, thesheet.cell_value(rx, cx))

I am trying to get the row and column label of a specific cell, and I found the code that loop through col_label_ranges that I used it above. However when I run this code, the result I got is:

show that there is value in the sheet: Katherine
there is nothing in thesheet.col_label_ranges:

Please tell me what's going wrong, and what should I do to read the row and column label of a cell?

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So .col_label_ranges is empty - Have you actually got any label names? Everything implies that you haven't.

Note the doc's for xlrd mention:

List of address ranges of cells containing column labels. These are set up in Excel by Insert > Name > Labels > Columns.

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thank you for helping me understand that. Infact I want to get the default label or the address that show up in the excel sheet. For example: at cell (0,0) I want to get "A1". I found an answer for that is: <code> from xlrd import open_workbook ,cellname thebook = open_workbook(file_to_import) thesheet = thebook.sheet_by_index(0) for i in range(0, thesheet.nrows): for j in range(0, thesheet.nrows): print "value at cell %s is: %s" % (cellname(i,j), thesheet.cell(i,j).value) <\code> –  HuongOrchid Dec 13 '12 at 16:54
@HuongOrchid Ahh - the cellname or reference - ahhh okay... yup - that's using xlrd.cellname as you've discovered. –  Jon Clements Dec 13 '12 at 17:33

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