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What is the best way to do drop shadows for fast transitions? I have tried using filter with the code below, but it seems like it makes my transitions much more choppy (i have a maybe 20 or so rectangles that move around):

var shadow = vis.append("defs").append("filter")



Is there any cross-browser CSS dropshadow for modern browsers? (ie9+,chrome,firefox...don't care to support others)

Is there any way to speed up transitions with this type of shadow?

Is there any alternative method? Should I just draw another rectangle behind it?

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If you're looking for CSS drop shadows then the property you're looking for is box-shadow. It is supported from IE9 and up and takes four properties:

  • The horizontal offset of the shadow
  • The vertical offset
  • The value by which the shadow must blur
  • And then its spread

It also responds to transitional changes if you're hoping to animate the shadow itself in some way.

You can view more at the W3 link here where they go more in-depth.

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