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I am trying to connect to a terminal emulator using a library in android, this will connect to a serial device and should show me sent/received data. To attach to a terminal session I need to provide an inputstream to setTermIn(InputStream) and an outputstream to setTermOut(OutputStream).

However when I declare the streams as follows they default to null don't they?

private OutputStream bos;
private InputStream bis;


//inside onCreate() method
/* Attach the TermSession to the EmulatorView. */

So when I try to attach my streams to the session i get an error:

FATAL EXCEPTION: TermSession input reader
java.lang.NullPointerException at jackpal.androidterm.emulatorview.TermSession$2.run(TermSession.java:137)

which points to this code in the library:

public void run()
        while (true)
            int read = mTermIn.read(mBuffer);
            if (read == -1)
                // EOF -- process exited
            mByteQueue.write(mBuffer, 0, read);
    catch (IOException e)
    catch (InterruptedException e)

This is because I haven't started sending and receiving data yet so I haven't assigned the data to the streams. What do i do, set up some spurious data to assign to a stream? I tried that and it complains still. Perhaps I am doing it wrong.

To send and receive data i have the following methods, although I shouldn't be setting the stream every time I call them I imagine.

Overriding the method that sends data over serial to set up the stream, runs whenever I press enter:

public void sendData(byte[] data)
    bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(data.length);

Runs whenever data is received:

public void onDataReceived(int id, byte[] data) 
    bis = new ByteArrayInputStream(data);

How do I initialize these correctly? And should I really be setting the stream every time I send and receive data, does it matter? Or should I do some check?

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And what's your question? –  AlexR Dec 13 '12 at 16:44
Sorry, it was how do I initialize these correctly? And should I really be setting the stream every time I send and receive data, does it matter? Or should I do some check? –  Paul Dec 13 '12 at 16:49

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You must initialize bis and bos before using them

You can put it just before using these two line

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I was trying to initialize them in their definition, I will try that thanks. I am not sure I was initializing them correctly. –  Paul Dec 13 '12 at 16:51
I tried to initialize them again in the same way but it does not work: byte[] a=new byte[0]; bis = new ByteArrayInputStream(a); bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); –  Paul Dec 13 '12 at 17:09

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