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I have a webgrid via this code

                        tableStyle: "webgrid",
                        columns: grid.Columns(
                        grid.Column(header: "Link", style: "labelcolumn", format: (item) => Html.ActionLink("Edit Item", "EditQueue", new { id = item.QueueID})),
                        grid.Column("Description", "Description"),
                        grid.Column("QueueDate", "QueueDate"),
                        grid.Column("Note", "Note"),
                        grid.Column("Status", "Status"),
                        grid.Column("LastUpdated", "LastUpdated")

I created a test case with ID 1. I then click the link in the first column. I get a 404 error because I haven't created a page for this at /Home/EditQueue/1

However I obviously don't want to create a page for each number. What is the best practice to create a page that just displays the ID I passed into it?

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Create an action method which accepts the id as parameter, in your HomeController

public ActionResult EditQueue(int id)
    //Get the details of queue using id and return a view.
    return View();

You probably want to show the data to edit. so get the data using the id and return that.

public ActionResult EditQueue(int id)
    //Get the details of queue using id and return a view.
    Queue queue=repositary.GetQueueFromID(id);
    return View(queue);

Assuming repositary.GetQueueFromID method will return a Queue class object and your View (Edit.cshtml) is strongly typed to that.

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Just have your method with a parameter you are passing in the controller..

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that gets called in the grid? –  Badmiral Dec 13 '12 at 17:16
@Badmiral:..No, not in the grid, yuo will be redirected to the edit Item page in the same window –  Bhushan Firake Dec 13 '12 at 17:21

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