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Is there a way to store days, weeks, or months in the database. I'm not talking about dates (like December 13, 2012), but about amounts of time, like 2 weeks, 5 days, or 6 months.

One of the suggestions I found was this: Best way to store time (hh:mm) in a database, in which you store minutes in the database as integers and manipulate them as you need.

Another one, Best way to store span on time in a MySQL database?, talked about simply using a time datatype, but this has a very low range limit.

Is there a more clean way to accomplish this? Thanks

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You could store the duration as number of seconds or minutes. – Zabba Dec 13 '12 at 17:17

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yes, there is a cleaner way to do it. just use postgres and the built in datatype INTERVAL:

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For rails I've had the most success simply storing an integer field in my models to represent a accumulated time in seconds. Depending on your use case you might have more success with storing integer minutes instead.

To demonstrate with seconds you can then do something like:

rails g migration add_seconds_elapsed_to_foo seconds_elapsed:integer

Somewhere in your application:

 => 2343 
distance_of_time_in_words(, + @foo.seconds_elapsed.seconds, true)
 => "39 minutes" 

In conjunction with the time object there's a number of options you can take for a variety of precisions and formats.

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