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So I am using the Bootstrap CSS in conjunction with MVC4 and I am having a small issue i can't seem to figure out.

I use this in my code

 @(Model.Enabled ? "class=btn btn-primary" : "class=btn")

The actual html that renders is

class="btn" btn-primary

How I want into it to render like so

class="btn btn-primary"

Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Got it figured out with the help of a co-worker

 class="@(Model.Enabled ? "btn btn-primary" : "btn")"

Will give the desired result

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You have no quotes in your string, so the class attribute only sees "btn". Try

@(Model.Enabled ? "class='btn btn-primary'" : "class='btn'")


@(Model.Enabled ? "class=\"btn btn-primary\"" : "class=\"btn\"")
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That does not work, MVC will automatically add quotes in the rendered html. I actually just got it to work. Ill post the answer – Philip Loyer Dec 13 '12 at 19:46

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