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I am creating a c program that is called periodically. But upon meeting some conditions it might call a functions that uses X11 to create a window. That window will listen to events hence have a loop that waits for the events. So my C program has to wait till the created window finished doing its job. How do I make my program to call the function[defined in another c file] that creates the window and exit?

UPDATE: I was thinking of creating a socket between my C cron job and the server that handle creating the window and does what is instructed by the user. A good idea?

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cron doesn't normally have access to either a terminal or your X display. If you want it to, you'll have to figure out all the bits necessary for it to work (starting with setting DISPLAY, but possibly needing to delve into xauth and other things, and deciding what needs to be done when the display is not running, or locked, or running a different user, or ...) and incorporate all that in a script that then calls your program.

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What do you mean by "cron doesn't access.."? What I'm planning to is to write a program that runs on specific interval( e.g. every minute). That program needs to call another routine that'll get into loop and exit. Tell me if I'm missing anything. – Alexander Suraphel Dec 13 '12 at 19:21

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