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Not sure if SFDebug is any help in this situation. I am making an ajax post using jQuery. Which retrieves JSON data in my action URL and then makes a call to the Model method that executes the action. The part until my action URL, and the jQuery call to it work fine. With the data transmitted from the client to the server well received and no errors being made.

It is the part where it calls the method on the Model that is failing. My jQuery method looks like this:

$.post(url, jsonData, function(servermsg) { console.log(servermsg); }) ;

My server action is like this

public function executeMyAjaxRequest(sfWebRequest $request)

      // process whatever
      $servermsg =  Doctrine_Core::getTable('table')->addDataToTable($dataArray);
      return $this->renderText($servermsg);

       return false;

The method of concern in the Table.class.php file looks like this:

public function addDataToTable($dataArray)
   // process $dataArray and retrieve the necessary data   

   $data = new Data();
   $data->field = $dataArray['field'];

   return $data->id ;

The method fails up here in the model, when renderText in the action is returned and logged into the console, it returns the HTMl for SFDEBUG. Which indicates that it failed.

If this was not an Ajax call, I could debug it by seeing what the model method spat out, but this is a little tedious with Ajax in the mix.

Not looking for exact answers here, but more on how I can approach debugging ajax requests in a symfony environment, so if there are suggestions on how I can debug this, that would be great.

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You still can debug AJAX calls in IDE. In PhpStorm you may do it like this (similar in other IDEs): First, install the XDebug helper extension for Chrome (or you may find similar for whatever browser): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/xdebug-helper/eadndfjplgieldjbigjakmdgkmoaaaoc?hl=ru&utm_source=chrome-ntp-launcher

Configure it so it will appear for your domain. Now go to PhpStorm and click Run > Start Listen PHP Debug Connections. Setup a breakpoint somewhere.

Now go back to browser, click on the extension's icon (the bug) - it should turn green. Now make your AJAX call - execution will automatically stop at the breakpoint you set.

Of course, all of this expects proper PHP XDebug configuration.

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