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Does Entity Framework support ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly in SQLClient connection string? It is in reference to Read-Only access on an Availability Replica feature of AlwaysOn Availability Groups (SQL Server 2012).

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The only way I've found so far would involve creating the context using the connection string directly, instead of using a connection string name. This way you could append the ApplicationIntent.

string connectionString = string.Format("{0}; ApplicationIntent=READONLY", ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["AppContext"].ConnectionString);

using (AppContext context = new AppContext(connectionString))
    var q = from row in context.table
            select row.id;
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The following connection properties were added to SqlClient in .NET Framework 4.5:



A connection will fail if a primary replica is configured to reject read-only workloads and the connection string contains


Refer documentation here.

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The question is not about definition of ApplicationIntent attribute. In fact, I already have referenced the very same documentation link that you have posted. I understand what it is. The question is about support for this from Entity Framework. –  amit_g Dec 13 '12 at 18:48

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