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The current questions regarding this topic didn't solve my problem and neither has Google.

relevant server code:

class ReuseHTTPServer(BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer):
    def __init__(self, address, handler, queue=None):
        BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer.__init__(self, address, handler)

        self.address = address
        ssl_socket = ssl.wrap_socket(socket.socket(self.address_family, self.socket_type),
                                     keyfile = KEY_PATH,
                                     certfile = CERTIFICATE_PATH,
                                     server_side = True,
                                     cert_reqs = ssl.CERT_REQUIRED,
                                     ssl_version = ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1,
                                     ca_certs = CA_PATH)
        s = self.socket.getsockname()

        print "serving:", s[0], "on port:", s[1]

        self.socket = ssl_socket


client code:

conn = https.HTTPSConnection(HOST, port=PORT, key_file=KEY_PATH, cert_file=CERT_PATH)

        conn.putrequest("GET", '/cgi-bin/retrieveRunningInstances')


        response = conn.getresponse()

Trying to connect with the client gets an SSLError errno 8; EOF occurred in violation of protocol. I have verified the certificates using openssl. I am pulling my hair out. Any help would be appreciated.


The error occurs during the handshake in conn.getresponse().

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I think I figured it out. I had the same problem:

SSLError errno 8; EOF occurred in violation of protocol

It turned out that I had a missing cert_file. I had specified one as follows, but did not have one.

server = HTTPServer( ('',5005), HttpHandler )
server.socket = ssl.wrap_socket( server.socket, certfile='kencert.pem', server_side=True )

When I added the .pem file it worked!

Hope this helps!

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I will look at that today. Thanks for your response. – Lunchbox Dec 18 '12 at 13:36
Wasn't the exact answer, but the problem was with my cert file and your answer lead me in the right direction. Thanks! – Lunchbox Dec 18 '12 at 20:07

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