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I'm trying to write a basic test for Ember views, following along here: but I keep getting an "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'appendTo' of undefined'.


describe "my view", ->

  myView = null

  beforeEach ->
    myView = Sysys.ActView.create() ->

  afterEach -> ->
    myView = null

  it "should be defined", ->

  it "should have a button", ->

The error comes comes from Ember.View.appendTo:


where target is the <body class="ember-application">...</body> (as expected) and this is myView. However, this.state is "preRender" and this.$() is undefined, which is why the error occurs.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong: the view is getting created but not rendered I think. I have the call to append() inside also, as suggested by the tutorial.

I also noticed that even when I don't run any tests, I still get an uncaught exception -- it's the same thing, except for the ApplicationView. So I'm wondering if I'm initializing everything correctly for the tests. The include files are below (using Rails 3.2 with asset pipeline)

#=require_tree ./
#=require_tree ../../app/assets/javascripts


#= require jquery
#= require jquery_ujs

#= require vendor/handlebars-1.0.0.beta.6
#= require vendor/ember-1.0.0-pre.2
#= require vendor/ember-data

#= require_self
#= require sysys
Sysys = Ember.Application.create();
#= require_tree .


#= require ./store
#= require_tree ./models
#= require_tree ./controllers
#= require_tree ./views
#= require_tree ./helpers
#= require_tree ./templates
#= require_tree ./routes
#= require_self

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One can invoke the "this.$()" only after the element was inserted to the DOM. Since you noticed that you're still in state 'preRender', and not yet in DOM ('inDom') the cause might be in a "reRender" (please check call-stack).
This can happen (for example) when using bindAttr and the property that it's bind to was already modified even though the view wasn't inserted to the DOM (*cough* call-stack *cough*).

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