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Right now I'm having this issue in Eclipse where I have an XML file open that's really big in which it almost crashes Eclipse. However this file being opened is saved in my window history, therefore I restart eclipse, it tries to open this massive file again. How do I clear the opened window history in eclipse?

I would prefer not having to clear my workspace entirely as I have mylyn data I want to keep. I've tried using Eclipse clean but this doesn't seem to do anything related to opened windows.

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Your workbench information are saved in this file in your workspace:


or depending on your eclipse version:


You can delete it and eclipse will recreate the file, you can also try to edit it, but it's a big file and may be hard... Deleting this file all workbench related settings are lost but your projects stays intact.

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Some alternatives: Move or rename the offensive file so that eclipse is unable to open it. File->Switch Workspace->Other to load a new workspace copying your workbench layout.

Just some thoughts, my experience is closing a file and then the program means that the program will not attempt to open the file once launched again.

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