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I am looking for documentation on how do I deploy CloudFoundy on top of OpenStack. Is there an Dev/Ops tool that would automate the deployment of CloudFoundry on top of OpenStack.

I have been able to download Openstack and have been able to deploy it very easily. I was hoping for a similar automated deployment of CloudFoundry in relation to OpenStack. As both of these efforts are open source.

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To deploy on OpenStack you need to use BOSH ( https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh ). There is a github project for deploying CloudFoundry using BOSH here ... https://github.com/piston/openstack-bosh-cpi

Doing a quick Google search for "bosh cloudfoundry openstack" yields plenty of results to get you started. I am planning on doing the same myself but have yet to read up properly on this subject.


I should also add a link to an article on creating a MicroBOSH on openstack by @drnic https://github.com/drnic/bosh-getting-started/blob/master/create-a-bosh/creating-a-micro-bosh-from-stemcell-openstack.md

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Try my guide:


Use this to install a micro BOSH into Openstack using bosh-bootstrap, and then create/upload/deploy a cf-release through it.

A future post will include deployment of Cloud Foundry services as well.



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It would be helpful if you posted the information in here instead of just linking. –  Jean-Bernard Pellerin Jun 12 '13 at 22:15
I could but it would be a pretty big post as theres quite a bit involved still, but I guess it will get better in time. Thought it'd be better to link the post as it explains things in a fair bit of detail there. –  Ryan G Jun 12 '13 at 22:27

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