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I'm just starting to work with Play! 2.0 and I'm having trouble finding any good documentation or tutorials around the view markup. I had my "main" view defined as such:

@(title: Html, nav: String = "")(content: Html)

I'm not sure why the title param is/was Html, so I changed it to String. Now, in another view I had this:

@title = {
    Sign Up

@main(title, nav = "signup") { etc...}

I want to change the definition of title to a String so I changed that definition to:

@title = "My Title goes here"

@main(title, nav = "signup") { etc...}

But when I try that, I get the error: "not found: value title" when I refresh the page. How do I define strings here like the Html is defined? I realize I can just put the string in the call to main on that second line, BUT what I'm wondering here is just how to set @title the same way for a string as it was done for Html.

Also, anyone have a link to some good markup tutorials or documentation (the equivalent to this for 2.0 would be great)? Thanks

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See Declaring reusable blocks

@title = @{"My Title goes here"}

@main(title) {etc...}
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That's the page I needed to find... Thank you – CDelaney Dec 14 '12 at 4:17

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