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Is there a way to map a stored procedure to Entity Framework in such a way that the ExecuteFunction uses the MergeOption parameter with the NoTracking option?

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You could update the T4 template file to add "MergeOption.NoTracking" as the 2nd parameters. Then just R-Click on the .edmx and select "Run Custom Tool".

This is a quick workaround but I would also like to know a more long term solution. If this is the only solution, can the default T4 templates be updated so that this is automatic with new EntityModels and were are they stored.

{EnitityModel} Line 290:

"return ((IObjectContextAdapter)this).ObjectContext.ExecuteFunction{0}(\"{1}\", MergeOption.NoTracking{2});",

I was setting the following in my Repository constructor, but the MergeOption appears to be cleaner

context = new Entities();
context.Configuration.AutoDetectChangesEnabled = false;
context.Configuration.ValidateOnSaveEnabled = false;
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