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I'm attempting to write a site in Rails where a user in a manufacturing plant can see what devices are failing. The program storing the alarm data stores one entry when a device faults, and then stores another entry when the device gets fixed. The entries are linked only by having the same value in the EventAssociationID column. How might I write a named scope in Rails to check which faults have been fixed and which ones haven't?

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can't this be done with an Outer Join on the EventAssociationID if these events are stored in different tables. Otherwise you might look at stackoverflow.com/questions/9232986/…. –  jethroo Dec 13 '12 at 23:14

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I wasn't able to do it in a named scope, however, I was able to define a method for the model that solved the problem:

def inAlarm
  return ConditionEvent.count(:all, :conditions => ['EventAssociationID = ?', self.EventAssociationID]) == 1
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