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I have a service in which I'd like to use MemoryCache, however, one of my requirements is that I need to be able to clear said MemoryCache manually, without stopping the service.

Currently we're using the CacheManager from the Enterprise Library (Using Isolated Store, so I think it's in memory, then dumps to file when needed), and we clear the cache manually by deleting the files. Any ideas on how I may do something similar, using the new cache libraries?


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It sounds like your current cache using Enterprise Library has a file system dependency. You can do the same thing with MemoryCache by associating a HostFileChangeMonitor with each cache item. When the monitored file(s) change on disk, the cache items will be purged.

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It is not possible to clear cache outside your service because it is bound to the AppDomain. You need to implement by yourself a entry point for clearing the cache.

After that, Simply Dispose the memory cache and create a new one.

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