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I'm asking this question because I tried the other solutions already posted here. I have a Tsung cluster I'm attempting to setup using EC2 instances.

The security group for the EC2 boxes has already opened ports 0-65335.

Master box: can ssh into client boxes as root "StrictHostKeyChecking no" in /etc/ssh/ssh_config cluster box, tsungcluster1 is in /etc/hosts file with ipaddress.

Tsung xml file is setup as:

<client host="tester0" weight="8" maxusers="10000" cpu="4"/>

running Tsung results in:

Can't start newbeam on host 'XXXXX (reason: timeout) ! Aborting!

as well, trying out:

slave:start(tester0,root,"-setcookie mycookie").

results in {error,timeout}

Like I've said, I've tried out the solutions posted here previously, but none worked.

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before i forget, i'm using Tsung 1.4.2, and Erlang V5.8.5 (R14 i believe) –  Roi Eclarin Dec 13 '12 at 22:40

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The problem is on ssh communication between the controller and the slave, you can have a look at http://tsung.erlang-projects.org/user_manual.html#htoc82 wich it's explain the problem you encounter.

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