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I have a method in a jaxb annotated class that I want to marshall a value if and only if it is marshalling to JSON with jersey 1.16 - which is using jackson 1.9 underneath. I was hoping to use @XmlTransient from jaxb and @JsonProperty from jackson on getting this done in a way like this:

public class SomeClass {  

  // Other XmlElement annotated methods

  public String getType(){
      return this.type;


... but it doesn't seem to marshall at all. No errors are encountered.

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Would you be so kind to give code that 'doesn't marshall'? – Stepan Yakovenko Dec 13 '12 at 23:06
I solved the problem. The problem was I was using the natural JSON processors which seems to ignore the JsonProperty annotation, I believe this to be true because I believe Jersey converts to XML and then to JSON when using the natural JSON processor. The marshalling code is actually hidden, as it's marshalled by the Jersey resource. – Brian Dec 13 '12 at 23:15
  1. I needed to switch Jersey to use the POJOMappingFeature, which uses Jackson.
  2. I needed to not include XmlTransient, otherwise it seemed like the element was ignored. In some cases I believe getType might still be serialized in the XML, however, I was using propOrder in my actual class, and because XmlElement wasn't declared on getType, this wasn't a problem. For those other cases where it may be a problem, I think you'd need to use something like jsonGetType in order to make sure it's not serialized by default.
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