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I'm having some difficulty configuring my zsh prompt. Specifically I would like the font to have the color defined by the hex code: #87afdf

Currently, I've set up the prompt as follows:

➞  %b'

I've attempted to add colors in the following way:

autoload -U colors && colors

➞  %b%{$reset_color%}'

But this only gives me the following gibberish:

➞  $reset_color

Any ideas on how to proceed would be very much appreciated.

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Unless you're using a very unusual terminal, you can't use just any color combination that you would like. Standard terminals are limited to (at best) a 256-color palette.

The colors function which ships with zsh is simply to allow the colors from the old 16-color palette to be referred to by name, it will not help in using colors outside of that range.

There is a simple script available which will setup $FG and $BG arrays to provide a way to use colors from the 256-color palette by number, but without needing to deal with the escape sequences necessary for the terminal to deal with those.

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