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I'm using the JXLS XLSReader to read in Microsoft Excel files.

This is a copy of my configuration file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  <worksheet name="staff_acme">
    <loop startRow="1" endRow="1" items="VECIDataHolder" var="vdh" varType="">
      <section startRow="1" endRow="1">
        <mapping row="1" col="0">vdh.person_id</mapping>
        <mapping row="1" col="1">vdh.fullname</mapping>
        <mapping row="1" col="2">vdh.noaa_email_address</mapping>
        <mapping row="1" col="3">vdh.emergency_email_address</mapping>
        <mapping row="1" col="4">vdh.emergency_cell</mapping>
        <mapping row="1" col="5">vdh.emergency_sms</mapping>
        <rowcheck offset="0">
          <cellcheck offset="0"/>

My users have been changing the name of the sheet, which makes JXLS miss it.

Is there a way to tell JXLS to just read the first sheet and only the first sheet no matter what its name is? I couldn't find anything on Google, but if you can please feel free to post a link

Thanks much

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I contacted the developer. He said this feature does not exist, yet. He will think about putting it in a future release.

As a workaround, he suggested reading in the workbook using POI API to find out the sheet name. Then updating the XML config in memory with a proper sheet name and supply it to ReaderBuilder or build the config without XML but with API calls.

HTH someone else Googling on this issue.

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From jxls page:

As of version 1.0.2 jxls-reader supports mapping of sheets by index. This can be convenient in case you do not know the names of the sheets.

Just use

<worksheet idx="0">

instead of

<worksheet name="sheetName">
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