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I would like to match a "{NUM}" and then have the lexer rule return "NUM". so, I tried

NUM : ('{' { skip(); })  'NUM'  ('}' { skip(); });

But, that seems to skip everything and return empty on a match. would it be possible to skip parts of a lexer match ?

antlr 3.4

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Invoking skip() anywhere in your rule will remove the entire token from the lexer, not just certain characters.

What you could do is this:

 : '{NUM}' {setText("NUM");}

Or, if NUM is variable, do:

 : '{' 'A'..'Z'+ '}' {setText($text.substring(1, $text.length() - 1));}

which removes the first and last char from the token.


smartnut007 wrote:

Is there an equivalent way to do this for Tokens ?

If you mean how to change the text of tokens inside parser rules, try this:

 : LEXER_RULE {$LEXER_RULE.setText("new-text");}

 : 'old-text'
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Thanks. Is there an equivalent way to do this for Tokens ? – smartnut007 Dec 13 '12 at 23:33
@smartnut007, see my EDIT. – Bart Kiers Dec 14 '12 at 8:13

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