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I have a memory dump of a 64-bit w3wp process from a 64-bit machine. When, I open it in WinDbg and analyze it with psscor or sos, it works fine.

However, I am trying to use the DebugAnalyzer tool. When I open it and hit the "Run Analysis!" button, here's the error message I see in a dialog-box:

Debug Analyzer.NET v2
Unable to detect .NET Runtime (CLR) or Unsupported version
(Hint: Error loading symbol for mscorwks.dll or CLR 1.x)

Verify the following:
- Check if Symbol Path is correct
- You are debugging on the same architecture
  (eg. x86 dump require x86 version of Debug Analyzer)

The symbol path is correct (same one WinDbg uses) and I am using 64-bit version of DebugAnalyzer. The .NET version used by the w3wp process is .NET 4.

I cannot find the mscorwks.dll anywhere on my machine, but mscordacwks.dll is in my symbol path. But, since WinDBG does not seem to need it, I am not sure that is the issue.

Does anyone have experience using this tool or suggested trouble-shooting steps?

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Thanks for using Debug Analyzer. The version available for download only supports .NET v2.0 memory dumps. I believe you are testing against a memory dump which has .NET 4.0 loaded.

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The message Unable to detect .NET Runtime (CLR) or Unsupported version seems to say it all. I would try Debug Analyzer.NET v2 on other .NET 4.0 applications and see if it it works. The other line of interest is You are debugging on the same architecture. Is your w3wp.exe a 32-bit or 64-bit process? Are you using the corresponding version of Debug Analyzer.NET?

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Yes, I am using the correct version of DebugAnalyzer, the architecture matches and the worker process is 64-bit (as I already specified in the description). –  Raghu Dodda Dec 17 '12 at 2:10

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