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I need to uniquely identify a machine despite it having multiple IP addresses(which a common scenarios for linux machines) what I am thinking of is to use hostname as an identifier for the machine/system(host name in /etc/hostname). Is it mandatory that a system will have only one hostname or a system can have multiple host names.

Any help appreciated.

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I would identify it as some combination of hostname, MAC address, processor serial number, and hardware serial number. This may not be possible with virtualization, though a virtualized machine should have a unique MAC, unless someone has duplicated it.

Also, I'd get the hostname with uname -n rather than parsing /etc/hostname. Not all Unixes (HP-UX) use /etc/hostname, so this increases portability.

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f.e your host is connected to networks and

Edit your /etc/hosts with ethhost wlanhost

Now you will be able to ping your host with both names ethhost and wlanhost

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Welcome to Stackoverflow. What you wrote is correct - this will allow someone to ping the machine using both names - but this is not what the guy asked for. He wants to identify a machine, not ping it. – Martin Baulig Dec 13 '12 at 23:59

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