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As a follow up to my other question here: Forking to Run Code in a Child Process With Perl's Dancer - how do I fork a request running under plackup/starman/dancer without causing the child to be left in the zombie state?

eg of what I'm trying to do:

post '/handle_data' => sub {

# perform some calculations
# store some data
fork and return; # parent request
# do some long running tasks
exit; # child


... causes the starman worker to be recycled, but a leftover plackup process to be defunct.

From perlipc, I have also tried setting $SIG{CHLD} = "IGNORE", but to no avail.

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When forking you'd have the parent process not exit but rather wait for the child pid(s). If I recall fork is either setting a return value or a special variable with the pid of the child; so you need to catch that. Oh and register an $SIG{INT} handler that similarly waits.

You're probably looking to use waitpid.

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Yes. A process whose parent does not wait on it becomes a defunct/zombie when it exits, init (pid 1) adopts it, but it doesn't get cleaned out of the process table until you reboot. – Len Jaffe Dec 19 '12 at 20:22

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