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I'm creating some custom queries and need to figure out the relation between Member Groups and Document Groups.

My ultimate goal is to display the resources belonging to a particular User Group when a user log in. I am able to get their User ID from Sessions and so the relations I have figured out so far are:

User ID -> Member Groups Table -> ??Unknown table that pairs Member Groups with Document Groups?? -> Document Groups Table- > Resources Table

I just cant find that missing table(s)!

If any one can help me out that would be awesome!


(ps: using Revo)

EDIT: added image for assitance

enter image description here

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Maybe it will help you - forums.modx.com/thread/31499/… –  Vasis Dec 14 '12 at 12:39

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You could use some of the built-in MODX methods to achieve this.

This is not tested and might not work, but this might be a way to do it:

// userGroups = membergroups
$userGroups = $user->getUserGroups();

foreach ($userGroups as $userGroup) {
    $resGroups = $userGroup->getResourceGroups(); 

    foreach ($resGroups as $resGroup) {
        $resources = $resGroup->getResources();
        // merge resources into an array or something


Check out moduser.class.php, modusergroup.class.php, and modresourcegroup.class.php to see the queries behind these methods. You might be able to adapt them to one more efficient query.

Also, if I haven't misunderstood what you want to achieve then your results should be similar to what a user would see in the resource tree in the manager when logged in?

That uses the resource/getnodes.class.php processor, which retrieves all possible resources for each context using getCollection, then loops through each and decides whether to display or not by using $resource->checkPolicy('list'). That might be another approach to consider.

I usually work with custom data rather than MODX resources so would be keen to hear how you get on with this.

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Did that help?? –  okyanet Dec 19 '12 at 13:53

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