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I have a local project source controlled with Git. I have a remote repo set up to point to a Dropbox directory(I know using Dropbox is not optimal but it's just easier for my particular circumstances). When I push changes to the remote repo I'm not seeing the files transfer.

There is only one branch, master. I've already added my changes with git add . , then I made the commit with git -commit . Then I tried to push to the remote repo using git push -u origin master. I get the message that things are compressing and being pushed but I don't see the changes in the directory. It's not an issue of Dropbox not syncing.I believe my remote is set up properly, when I use git remote show origin I get the following:

* remote origin
  Fetch URL: /home/myuser/Dropbox/git/myproject.git/
  Push  URL: /home/myuser/Dropbox/git/myproject.git/
  HEAD branch: master
  Remote branch:
    master tracked
  Local branch configured for 'git pull':
    master merges with remote master
  Local ref configured for 'git push':
    master pushes to master (up to date)

It seems to me that the status is saying that the remote repo is up to date but I don't see the changes. Could anyone suggest what I could be doing incorrectly? Any help would be appreciated, thanks much!

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Are you pushing to a non-bare repo in Dropbox? (as in…) – VonC Dec 14 '12 at 8:06

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Pushing changes into a remote repository just means that the remote repository has received the data; it won't be automatically checked out into the remote repo's working directory. VonC's comment on your question is almost certainly spot-on.

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