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I started two jgroup process in single machine using JChannel channel=new JChannel();
It will use default XML configuration file in jgroups-all.jar called udp.xml.

Then I viewed port usage by executing netstat command. The result is following.

C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxx\Desktop>netstat -ano | find "45588"
  UDP          *:*                                    9304
  UDP          *:*                                    2492

The number 9304 and 2492 is the JVM process id and 45588 is port id.

What I want to know is why the two processes can use the same port 45588 in one host, and what does the IP stand for?

Thanks a lot.

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This might give your last question's answer:

When IP is shown means they are not connected to a TCP/IP network. Having this address, a computer cannot be reached or communicate with any other devices over IP.

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