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I have created an HTML book for a religious site I worked on. Now I'm trying to optimize the site for mobile/tablets. At the moment I'm just trying to work out the iPhone display. Basically I have a position:fixed sidebar with a menu and width:250px, also a main content div. When viewed on iPhone it looks fine, but the text is initially too small, when zoomed in, the sidebar encompasses too much of the screen, see image:

zoomed iPhone viewport

As you can see the sidebar overlaps the main content and continues too the more you zoom. I know I can set user-scalable = no but then the user can;t read the content properly. Also tried @media query but can't seem to get this right. Thank you for your time.

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what are you using to develop? rails/php. is this site live anywhere for us to see? is the site responsive? – Richlewis Dec 19 '12 at 16:43
using just plain HTML/CSS, adding all the data myself. i'm trying to make it responsive, don;t really want to create a whole new style sheet as the structure has been pulled from a PDF. Just want the sidebar to not zoom so much and cover the rest of the screen. – joshzee Jan 18 '13 at 1:14

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