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I'd like to show an input modal in my WinForm application. I have looked around the web, but haven't found a good pattern for doing this. I understand I'd have to create another Form, and use the ShowDialog method.

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You are correct.

Note that modal dialogs are not automatically disposed when closed (unlike non-modal dialogs), so you want a pattern like:

using (FrmModal myForm = new FrmModal())
    DialogResult dr = myForm.ShowDialog();
    if (dr == DialogResult.OK)
        // ...
        // ...

In the new form itself (which I have called FrmModal), set the DialogResult property in your button event handlers appropriately, e.g. if you have an OK button you would want to set DialogResult = DialogResult.OK in the event handler for that button and then call Close() to close the form.

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Small comment: Setting a Forms DialogResult != none is enough to close it. – Henk Holterman Sep 7 '09 at 8:37

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