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I want to change the "labelAlign" of all field component in the page to "right".

Now, I have to add the default config below to all panel in the page to implement that.

        labelAlign: 'right',
        labelSeparator: ":"

Is there any once code way to change the default values of the properties I specified of all the extjs components in the page?

Thank you for any help in advance!

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Setting defaults in the highest level container of the view should apply that config to any children that do not already have a value set. If one or more of the children (field components) already have a labelAlign config then you might try doing:

allYourFields = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('textfield');
Ext.forEach(allYourFields, function(field){
    field.labelAlign = 'right';
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I have tested that althought set the defaults the highest level container of the view, the default values can't apply to its child's child. Ext.onReady(function (){ new Ext.container.Viewport( { defaults:{labelAlign:"right"}, items: [ { ‌​ xtype:"textfield", fieldLabel:"field1" }, { xtype:"panel",‌​ items: [ { xtype:"textfield", fieldLabel:"fiel‌​d2" } ] } ] })}); –  Sharp Kid Dec 14 '12 at 5:58

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