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I don't want to install all as it consumes much space..

the following is what i'm sure is needed:

gcc, make python..

what else?

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On the site, in their documentation on installing...



SHOGUN requires the standard linux utils like bash, grep, test, sed, cut, ldd, uname gcc g++ and cat python (debian package: python2.4 or python2.5) for the ./configure to work.

Optionally you will need atlas and lapack (debian packages lapack3-dev, atlas3-headers atlas3-base-dev or atlas3-altivec-dev atlas3-sse2-dev) installed. Note that atlas/lapack is only supported under linux (high performance computing should be done under linux only anyway). In case atlas/lapack is unavailable, don't worry most of shogun will work without, though slightly slower versions are used.

To enable Multiple Kernel Learning with CPLEX(tm) just make sure cplex can be found in the PATH. If it is not found shogun will resort to GLPK (if version at least 4.29 is found) for 1-norm MKL, p-norm MKL with p>1 will work nonetheless.

To compile the C# interface you need to have the C# developer files (debian package mono-utils) installed.

To compile the Lua interface you need to have the Lua developer files (debian package lua) installed.

To compile the Java interface you need to have the Java developer files (debian package openjdk-6-jdk) installed.

To compile the R interface you need to have the R developer files (debian package r-base-dev) installed.

To compile the Ruby interface you need to have the Ruby developer files (debian package ruby) installed.

To compile the octave interface you need to have the octave developer files (debian package octave3.0-headers) installed.

To compile the python interface you need to have numpy version 1.x installed (debian package python-numpy) installed.

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