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i want to remove one of the element which inside my table,

i try to use tr.removeChild(tr.childNodes[2]);

to remove my third row elements, but it doesn't really work

function smile()
document.getElementById("p1").style.backgroundImage = 'url(smile.jpg)';
function twice()
document.getElementById("p2").innerHTML="Smile Smile";
function empty()
//this is the part i want to remove , i want to remove the text inside it



<table border = "1" >
<th onclick="smile()"><input type="button" name="person1" value="Make it smile!" id="person4" size="30" </th>
<th onclick="twice()"><input type="button" name="person1" value="Make it smile twice!" id="person4" size="30" </th>
<th onclick="empty()"><input type="button" name="person1" value="Make it empty" id="person4" size="30" </th>
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Note that duplicate (and triplicate) ids are invalid, they must be unique. –  RobG Dec 14 '12 at 6:19

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Live demo: http://jsfiddle.net/SbDXC/

I see a couple issues with your code.

First, you need to define tr (see the demo).

Second, in a table, using rows and cells is more reliable than childNodes. To remove the third cell (index 2) of the first row (index 0), simply use:


The issue with childNodes is that in some browsers the line breaks will be counted as nodes.

[Edit] Even shorter: table.rows[0].deleteCell(2);​

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Couple of things:

  • You need to set tr inside of the empty() function, right now it isn't set to anything.

  • Arrays are indexed starting at 0, so you are telling it to remove the 4th child. Try changing it to:


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it doesn"t work , and i juz mischange it when i post the code , i had try tr.removeChild(tr.childNodes[2]); –  Anson Aştepta Dec 14 '12 at 5:47
See my update, you need to set the tr variable in your empty method –  ctcherry Dec 14 '12 at 5:50

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