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I'm using this right now to parse RSS and Atom feeds, for a lot of reasons. But there is no official API key or something so I'm afraid something may break in the future, like Google stopping my access if I make a lot of queries.

Is there an alternative to this with API keys?

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I suggest trying out Simplepie, I wrote a nice RSS reader with it once. Pretty easy to use.

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There are multiple alternatives.

  • There's Feedly. It’s not the minimalistic, omnipresent glory that is Google Reader, but it’s close, and in some ways exceeds Reader’s capabilities. They've got even a guide for transitioning.

  • There's NewsBlur. It's developed "in the open", aka you can just check it out on their GitHub.

  • There's Netvibes. However. Unlike Feedly there's no simple import route in Netvibes for integrating your Google Reader subscriptions. Instead, you need to export your Reader subscriptions as a .ZIP file, extract them to find the 'Subscriptions.xml' file and then import that into Netvibes.

  • There's also another question on the same subject on Stack Overflow.

  • And there's many more, just do a Google search.

In my (and many others') opinion, Feedly's the best alternative. But each their own. Good luck!

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Try Google Feed Api, it is easy to use. It supports JSON and XML formats, but it is limited to a maximum of 250 feeds per url.

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