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There is a simple table which has an image on the left td. Image has 2px border.

This is working all fine in browsers but when I checked in blackberry phone, image is not displaying because of display:inline-block.

Here I have given border to anchor tag around the image. If I give border directly to image then the td padding problem occurs as I mentioned in my previous question.

a.img{display:inline-block; border: 2px solid #800080; text-decoration:none}

So How Can I get the proper code to work both in blackberry and browser?

Here is the CODE which is working perfect in browsers.

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What version of BB is this: Seems that command is ok on latest: – Riskbreaker Dec 28 '12 at 23:02

Have you given all display methods a try? How about


instead of


According to Blackberry Browser 5.0, your code should still work. Ref:

Which Browser are you using?

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