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I am semi-new to matlab, and have written a while loop that will generate a value from a data set by scanning through the data set until the data line is above a threshold value. here is a part of the code:

 c = 1;
      while min(obj_cont1(c:c+Grip_sample_length,n)) < Grasp_Threshold
      c = c + 1; 

      contact_time_index(n,1) = c;

the problem is, this part of the code is within a larger for loop, and the code is meant to find the first value that a data portion is above this "grasp_threshold" (a value that I seimply set manually). My question is: if no value ever meets this criteria, is there a way to have the code enter a value (such as a zero, or null) to indicate that it ran through, didn't find a result, and so it went to the next data set? right now if the code doesn't find a result, it will run through all the trials in the for loop, but will give me an error at the end.

I hope this is clear. My matlab jargon needs some development, just as my coding skills do

Thank you in advance!

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Where are you storing any values in the loop? Also could you explain the overall problem more? There are some better approaches. –  mdubez Dec 14 '12 at 6:34

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Using that max returns the first maximal element (that is the first 1 in a 0-1 array), your code is equivalent to this:

[is_above, first_idx_above_tsh] = max(obj_cont1(:,n) >= Grasp_Threshold); 
contact_time_index(n,1) = max(first_idx_above_tsh - Grip_sample_length, 1);

where is_above will tell you if there is any element above the threshold.

If you have an outer for-loop and Grasp_Threshold and Grip_sample_length is fixed, you don't even need to put this calculation into that for loop:

[is_above, first_idx_above_tsh] = max(obj_cont1 >= Grasp_Threshold); 
contact_time_index(:,1) = max(first_idx_above_tsh - Grip_sample_length, 1);

Here both is_above and first_idx_above_tsh are vectors.

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Here's an example that might help you out significantly.

Let's say I run the following commands:

x = [];
for i = 1:10
   x(i) = i^2;

Now if I want to get all elements that have a log greater than 5 or really evaluate true to any function I can do so like this

elementsGreaterThan5 = x(log(x) > 5)

I would suggest using this approach to find the element you need

See logical indexing Matrix Indexing in Matlab

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