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I am using SqlCacheDependency with polling in an ASP.NET project.

Sometimes, I need to disable SqlCacheDependency, which I do as follows:

  <sqlCacheDependency enabled="false" pollTime="10000">
      <!-- ... -->

However, this causes an error in my code when I do a HttpRuntime.Cache.Insert() with the SQL dependency.

To enable SQL cache dependency, please set the 'enabled' attribute to "true" in the section in the configuration file.

Is there a way I can programmatically check if this setting is enabled?

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The following code worked for me...

//using System.Web.Configuration;
Configuration webConfig = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration("/");
string configPath = "system.web/caching/sqlCacheDependency";
SqlCacheDependencySection section = (SqlCacheDependencySection)webConfig.GetSection(configPath);
bool enabled = section.Enabled;
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