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We know that the specification of Dcu files is a secret and it will be changed every version. Is there ANY POSSIBLE way to explore the symbols in a dcu file in Delphi IDE? (Instead of using a decompile library such as DCU32INT project.)

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Here is an attempt using Delphi7, and there exists a DCU32INT utility by Alexei Hmelnov. Reverse engineering only the DCU might be difficult, but inspecting the executable might help. Someone tried IDA, and an 'IDA Loader for Delphi/Builder 32-bit units (.DCU) by RedPlait with source' is mentioned here, Googling it I found this.

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Thanks for the information! However, it is the last choice since the decompile is really a hack and dirty work. (Especially when support all platforms dcus are required.) –  Baoquan Zuo Dec 14 '12 at 14:13

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