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I'm new to OSGi topic, but try to learn something about this technology.

After some resarch I can't find answer to question, what is the real difference between eclipse virgo and apache servicemix?

What I've done to reveal this mystery myself: I've looked at both and first i think that virgo seems to be somethink like web server for osgi while servicemix is more like bus. But then I saw that with service mix is attached jetty and even i can add web console feature to managed servicemix with browser and get totaly confused. Now I don't know, mayby virgo and servicemix are the same kind of software, but with diffrent bundles and producer (simmilar to e.g. jetty and tomcat )?

I would be very grateful for some information. And sorry, if my question is silly and answer is very simple, but as I said earlier, I'm beginer with this technology :)

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Virgo and Apache Karaf are OSGi Runtime Containers both containing also the feature of deploying web applications which are deployed to an underlying web-container. Apache ServiceMix does provide an ESB on top of Karaf so ServiceMix actually does more than Virgo.

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