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hey guys was hoping you could help me out...

im somewhat of a novice with jquery and javascript. trying to implement a jquery-ui menu that appears when an object is clicked but dissapears when a click is made anywhere other than on the menu itself.

this is the code I have so far

        $( "#menu" ).menu( );


now I want to hide and destroy the menu if a click is made anywhere other than on the menu itself..thanks in advance.

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You want to use the blur event, which fires when an object loses focus. Clicking on something else will take the focus away.

$("#menu").blur(function () {
    // Your code here to either hide the menu (.toggle())
    // or remove it completely (.remove()).
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cant get it to work, for some reason event is invoked only when I click an item in "#menu" the first time and click somewhere else on the screen. –  death_relic0 Dec 14 '12 at 8:02
actually got it to work.. I just had to do $("#menu").focus(); when it was clicked because when the div was clicked and menu shows, the focus was not on the menu.. thanks for the explanation since it helped me figure it out :).. –  death_relic0 Dec 14 '12 at 8:07

Just to tanks for above code and comment (@death-relic0, @levi-botelho)

// create
$('#menu').blur(function() {

// show
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