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I have textboxes in a webpage where there are RequiredFieldValidators. And at the very bottom of these controls are buttons submit and clear Every time I click the submit button, it triggers the validation from RequiredFieldValidators which is fine. What I do not want is when I click the clear button the RequiredFieldValidators are also triggered. here is my code for clear..

    txtFullName.Text = null;
    txtUserName.Text = null;
    txtPassword.Text = null;
    txtRetypePassword.Text = null;
    CheckList.Items.FindByText("Activated").Selected = false;
    CheckList.Items.FindByText("Suspended").Selected = false;

I just want to clear the controls not to validate them everytime I click the clear button. Thanks :)

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try setting attribute CausesValidation="false" and clearing ValidationGroup attribute of Cancel button. – Agent007 Dec 14 '12 at 8:04
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You should to set property CausesValidation="false" for your clear button
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Thank you very much :) – Emmanuel Gabion Dec 14 '12 at 8:07

You should set ValidationGroup property on controls that needs to be validated and submit button. Clear button should not have this property populated.

And according to your title, put this controls inside UpdatePanel to prevent visible postback.

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Alternatively you could use only the clear buttons' OnClientClick eventmethod and clear the various input fields by javascript only. This should in theory not trigger a postback, and thus also not trigger the validation.

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