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I have a problem using the OnLoadEnd event of a TChromium (DCEF1).

I have a form with a TButton and a TChromium.

The OnClick event of the button calls a function which lists the forms of the loaded page. If I wait the page finish loading and then click the button, this function works OK; but if I call this function from the TChromium OnLoadEnd event handler the callback function is never called and thus, I get a empty list.

Button code (read the comments into the code):

procedure TForm2.Button3Click(Sender: TObject);
  Q: TWebChromium;
  Q := TWebChromium.Create(Chromium1); // <- class to access DOM
  Q.WebFormNames; // <- method to get forms name
  ShowMessage(Q.Forms.Text); // <- show forms

OnLoadEnd code:

procedure TForm2.Chromium1LoadEnd(Sender: TObject; const browser: ICefBrowser;
  const frame: ICefFrame; httpStatusCode: Integer; out Result: Boolean);
  if (browser <> nil) and (browser.GetWindowHandle = TChromium(Sender).BrowserHandle) and ((frame = nil) or (frame.IsMain)) then

Method code to obtain forms name (read the comments into the code):

procedure TWebChromium.WebFormNames;
  Finish: Boolean;
  EndTime: TTime;
  FForms.Clear; // <- property (TStringList)
  if not Assigned(FWebBrowser) then // <- FWebBrowser: property that contain the TChromium
    raise Exception.Create('WebBrowser not assigned');
  if not (FWebBrowser is TChromium) then 
    raise Exception.Create('The WebBrowser property is not a TChromium.');

  Finish := False;
        procedure (const doc: ICefDomDocument) // <- this procedure is not called if this method is called from OnLoadEnd event
          FForms.CommaText := GetFormsName(doc.Body); 
          Finish := True;
  EndTime := IncSecond(Time, 4);

  repeat Application.ProcessMessages until Finish or (Time > EndTime);
  if Time > EndTime then
    raise Exception.Create('Time out');

Any idea? Thanks in advance

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Did you tried to wait a bit, for example launching the function call with a timer? Unrelated, but IMHO the method name should be named GetWebForms or EnumerateWebForms, and not just WebForms, and you may be leaking memory in the OnClick handler, since you don't destroy the created object. – jachguate Dec 14 '12 at 12:32
I had the same issue in my project, the workaround was adding a TTimer, in the OnTimer event I check if all "required" elements are loaded, and then I trigger the method that will continue the processing. – Cesar Romero Dec 14 '12 at 13:30
@jachguate: I will try with a TTimer, thanks. About the others questions, yes, it's possible that GetWebForms is more appropriate. For the leak memory, don't worry, this is only a app test ;-) – cadetill Dec 14 '12 at 13:51
@jachguate, cadetill, I've rather deleted my comments about that DOM visitor proc implementation to not mislead anyone else. Could you delete your reactions, please ? cadetill, what version exactly are you using ? I know that e.g. this code I've tested and worked (when I've been posting that answer, I've been using version before trunk from that post date). Actually still works with a snapshot I have from the past. In current trunk DOM visiting doesn't seem to work at all. – TLama Dec 14 '12 at 19:39
@TLama, jachguate sorry for late reply, but I've been very busy with my work and this is only a hobby (is for my components, the GMLib). No, I will not use a TTimer, I will use the TLama solution but I need to see how implement it with the GMLib. Thanks ;-) – cadetill Dec 19 '12 at 11:56

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I have used both DCEF 1 and DCEF 3, if you can switch to 3 you should, lots of improvements.

Here is the link to DCEF 3:

The method you have should definately work:

procedure TMainForm.Chromium1LoadEnd(Sender: TObject; const browser: ICefBrowser;
  const frame: ICefFrame; httpStatusCode: Integer);
  if IsMain(browser, frame) then begin
    // main window done from here on in

If it does not it can be 1 of 2 things,

  1. Your form data got messed up and somehow the event is no longer attached, doublecheck the event properties in your component.

  2. Something is wrong with your build, try to run GUIClient in the samples directory, it has the same event and should get triggered, if it does not try to find another build (preferably the DCEF3 version I linked to before)

Good luck

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Didn't see this was asked an eon ago :/ – Kapytanhook May 6 '14 at 9:48

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