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I am developing with Codeigniter and when it gets to complicated database queries I am using

$this->db->query('my complicated query');

then cast to array of object using $query->result();

and so far it's very good and useful

Now my question is

  1. what if I want to create mysql view and select from it? Will


    take the mysql view as it's a table or not?

  2. And if I do that will be any difference in performance are views faster than normal database query?

  3. What would be best practice with Codeigniter and MYSQL database dealing with complicated queries as I understand that ActiveRecord is just query builder and as some tests it's even a little slower

Thanks in advance for your advise

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  1. MySQL views are queried the same way as tables, on a side note, you can't have a table and a view share the same name.
  2. Depends on the query you use in the view, views can be internally cached so in the long run - yes, they are faster.
  3. Best practice in this case is to use whatever you find easy to use for yourself and your team, I personally stick to using $this->db->query(); as I find it's easier to change a simple query of this kind to have some advanced functionality like sub-queries or other things that are hard and/or impossible to do with CI query builder. My advice would be to stick to one way of queries - if you use ->query(), then use them everywhere, if you use a query builder, then use it wherever it is possible to achieve the result using it.
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Thanks @Vlakardos for your reply, i just want to confirm if $this->db->from('') will take view name normally ? – Ahmed Samy Dec 14 '12 at 9:35
CodeIgniter ActiveRecord doesn't do any magic, it simply builds a query string for you, so yes, it will – Sergey Telshevsky Dec 14 '12 at 9:38

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