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I am currently writing a parser for the doxygen XML output. Partly for academic reasons and because the code of doxygen/addons/doxmlparser is ancient.

I am using QXmlStreamReader to parse the XML and it raises errors in some attributes. For example the following XML is generated by doxygen:

<member refid="qset_1operator&" prot="public" virt="non-virtual"><scope>libDatabase::Set</scope><name>operator&amp;</name></member>

This refid="qset_1operator&" is of course a problem:

XmlStreamReaderError: Expected '#' or '[a-zA-Z]', but got '"'.

Other errors include having <> characters (and others) in XML attributes.

I know that these characters have to be replaced by their &lt;, &gt;, etc counterparts.

How would I easily (and automatically of course) correct the XML, when I can not use Qt's classes to even look at the XML?

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One possibility would be to work around the errors and fix them manually as they appear, iterating over the XML until it is well-formed. See this Stackoverflow question: Ignoring a Invalid XML-Tag using Qdom?

You could also use the tidy library to repair the input before processing.

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