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I am new to using boost libraries in QNX platform. I am having trouble with linking the asio library. It throws me undefined reference linker errors in boost::asio::detail::socket_ops level. The messages are:

in function boost::asio::detail::socket_ops::call_bind undefined reference to bind ..

& similar errors for listen, recvmsg, accept, setsockopt ..

I got these errors when I include the asio library only as header library( I didn't separately compiled it).

Then I tried to compile the library explicitly by defining BOOST_ASIO_SEPARATE_COMPILATION and including the <boost/asio/ssl/impl/src.hpp> once. It throws me more undefined reference errors to the functions defined in socket_ops.hpp.

The errors occurs in socket_ops.ipp and I am using boost_1_49 in QNX Neutrino Momentics 6.50

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Have you built boost for your platform? Is it in a compatible configuration for your application target?

Asio requires a few other boost libraries (date_time and threading among them if I recall), which must be built prior to use (some libraries are not header only, or they are dependent on libraries that are not header only).

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The problem is solved when I gave the compile switches -lsocket option as in the Linux. thanks for the answer. – memduha Dec 18 '13 at 13:57

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